Welcome to Silsila Aalia Tawhidia

Welcome to Silsila Aalia Tawhidia

Sufism, also known as Tasawwuf, is also a science in Islam and one who seeks to acquire this knowledge is called a Salik, Mureed, Disciple.


Silsila Aalia Tawhidia is an order which helps truth seekers to  recognise and attain closeness to Allah (swt). Commonly known as Marifut and Qurb of Allah (swt). Treading this path develops the spiritual faculties of man for realisation of Divine Realities, the truth. Ultimately, one becomes a Friend of Allah (swt).


The order is committed to fostering universal love by preaching, inculcating and practicing islamic values in the tradition of Holy Messenger Muhammad (saw). To help people proactively live their lives in simplicity, truthfullness, love, respect, humility, service, patiance, contentment brought about through constant self accountability and reformation.


The aim is to free people of superstitions and misconceptions and fanatical rigidity of the rituals, and to encourage and assist them to shape there lives according to perscriptions of Quran and Sunnah thus enabling them to accept lives as a unique gift and revarding investment for the hereafter. To inculcate in the followers the spirit and the villingness for a total self-abandonement to ALLAH (swt).

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